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About Me

John Reid has been a collector and dealer of Vintage Movie Memorabilia for nearly twenty years.

Like many other dealers, I am also a collector and my interest in original movie posters began when I started collecting memorabilia from the films of Alfred Hitchcock. I spent a great deal of time in Hollywood and London in the 1980s and 90s and was able to source material for my collection from various major auctions and collectors fairs in England and the US.

When a collector is looking for posters for a particular genre, it is inevitable that they will come across material from other films. While I was searching for Hitchcock material I would often stumble across posters that obviously had value so I snapped them up hoping that I might be able to use them to trade for posters that I wanted. I met some passionate and sometimes quite eccentric collectors in the course of my travels and soon developed an extensive collection of memorabilia.

The Hollywood Years

During the time I spent in Hollywood, I had access to various celebrities and movie stars. I was able to acquire a large collection of autographs, props and documents relating to films and was offered the opportunity to supply Warner Brothers Movie World with original Movie Memorabilia in the 1990s.

This lasted for a number of years until I decided to focus on Original Movie posters rather than autographed material. The increased interest in internet auctions led to a proliferation of fake and misrepresented autographed material that flooded the market and I felt that the time had come to concentrate on original movie posters.

Heard It On The Grapevine

In the course of my travels, I was fortunate to hear on the grapevine that three major collections were being offered for sale. I spent a couple of years attempting to acquire a huge collection of posters that was to be sold by a distributor in New Zealand. When I was finally given the approval to submit an offer, I flew to New Zealand and viewed the collection. It consisted of a warehouse full of original movie posters, many of which were highly sought after. My offer was accepted and the posters were shipped back to Australia.

Coincidentally, I also became aware of another huge collection of movie posters that was for sale on the Gold Coast and another in Melbourne. Although the prospect of collating and sorting a mountain of material was daunting, I felt that the opportunity was too valuable to pass up. I now had a warehouse literally full of movie posters.

A Global Warming For Australian Movie Posters

John Reid's Christie SaleIn 1997 and 1998 I consigned two important collections to Christies Auctions in London and Melbourne.

Both auctions were very successful and helped to reinforce knowledge and interest in Australian posters worldwide.

In the late 1990s I started trading on eBay in the very early days of the auction site. I was not computer literate at the time but had a lot of success with my auctions despite the fact that I didn’t include photographs! Since then I have maintained an eBay store and have completed over 20,000 sales on the site.

Online References and Online Shopping

In 2002 I set up I now have more than 10,000 items listed on the site along with Exhibitions of Movie Posters and information about the origins and authenticity of posters.

In 2005, I decided to create a specialist area on my site for movie posters from Australian films and now have what must be the world’s largest retail collection of original Australian movie posters for locally made films. I work closely with some of the major government organisations in providing an historical record of Australian Movie Posters.

Other Mediums

My business has been featured on Channel Nine’s Business Sunday program and there have been a number of newspaper features including The Gold Coast Bulletin and The Age which reported …

“And movie poster collecting is, it seems, a very serious business. A quick trawl of the internet reveals a variety of movie poster-selling sites – most notably that of the Queensland-based memorabilia king, John Reid (, where posters from every imaginable local and international movie can be found at prices that vary from the affordable to the extravagant.”

I presented a daily radio program – Drive Time on Jazz Radio on the Gold Coast for five years and interviewed many Australian musicians and movie stars.

Some of the interviews appear on my YouTube channel here

I have maintained a retail outlet at The Gold Coast Antique Center for the last four years and occasionally present exhibitions at various venues throughout the country.

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