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Golden Years of Television Australian Daybill TV Series Movie Posters

By on June 29, 2013

US and British TV series were extremely popular in the 50s and 60s in Australia and compilations of many of the shows were screened as full length feature movies. Consequently the Australian Daybill TV Series Movie Posters that were produced for these films are quite unique.

OVERNIGHT HAUL Lizabeth Scott DaybillTelevision was introduced to Australia in the mid 1950s. The programming featured many of the successful US TV Series of the era. They had usually been made a few years earlier. The American TV shows were interspersed with movies and local content which was often live to air. 

Televisions were expensive at the time and it took a while before many were able to afford sets. In the early days of television it was considered a status symbol to own a TV and residents in the street would often hope to get an invitation to watch one of the popular shows.

In the early 1950s, before Television had been introduced in Australia, some of the TV series that were made for American TV were shown as movies at the Australian Cinemas. Examples were some of the 20th Century Fox one hour TV series including Overnight Haul and Christopher Bean. Christopher Bean Australian Daybill

It is fascinating to read through some of The TV program guides from the era. In the early years of television they showed that there were long periods of inactivity with the “Test Pattern and music” being all that would be seen between late night through until midday.

The Australian audiences of the 50s and 60s era grew up with the American TV series like I Love Lucy,  The Rifleman, Superman, Hawaiian Eye and Seventy Seven Sunset Strip. The series would often be screened in prime time and reached large audiences.

TV Series Movie PostersMany of the baby boombers from the era fondly remember racing home from school so that they be in time for the afternoon programming. I remember shows like Casey Jones steamin’ and a rollin’, The Cisco Kid with Duncan Renaldo always looking immaculate as he solved the problems of O’Henry’s Old West, Waterfront, the wholesome Leave it to Beaver and many more that made for a Golden Era of television. The shows often featured high moral values that were a product of the times.

Some of the series that were screened were so popular that compilations of the series were produced as full length feature films.

TV Series Movie Posters of generally don’t exist in the US and this is why the Australian movie posters that were produced are highly sought after. The most popular of all TV Series Movie Posters would have to be from the Superman series with George Reeves. The Superman television series was incredibly successful in Australia and the distributors decided to cash in on the popularity by splicing together various episodes into full length feature films that were screened at cinemas.

Superman TV Series Movie Posters are hard to find but highly prized among those who have fond memories of the series.

TV Series Movie PostersThe Rifleman with Chuck Connors was one of the most popular shows on Television in the 60s. Connors followed The Rifleman with Branded and a compilation of that series was spliced together to produce the full length feature film entitled Broken Sabre. 

Compilations of My Friend Flicka and Broken Arrow were also examples of popular TV shows that were also screened as movies.

I have shown some examples here but if you now of any other TV Series Movie Posters that produced specifically for Australian audiences please let me know.

These posters form a unique historical record that is a part of the Golden Years of Television.



TV Series Movie PostersTV Series Movie PostersTV Series Movie PostersTV Series Movie Posters











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