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Highest Priced Australian Movie Poster

By on November 29, 2012

The highest priced Australian movie poster is a long daybill for the classic 1931 Universal Horror movie, Frankenstein, which starred Colin Clive, Mae Clark and Boris Karloff.

Highest Priced Australian Movie PosterThe graphic art on the poster is truly stunning with a sinister image of the monster hovering menacingly in the top portion of the poster. I think this superb long daybill rivals any other posters that have been seen for Frankenstein.

The poster was printed by Marchant who were well known for their striking photo litho style art.

It seems that two known copies currently exist with a rumour about a third copy. One is owned by Kirk Hammet, lead guitarist for the heavy metal band Metallica. The other was acquired by a private collector.

Strangely, a daybill also appeared at a Christies auction (pictured here) in Los Angeles in 2000. I say strangely because it was apparently withdrawn and there is no recorded price realised for the lot. There has been speculation that the poster was one of the two that had previously surfaced.

The two Australian daybills surfaced in the 1990s and both were sold privately to US collectors. Although the sale prices were not officially recorded it is believed that one of the posters sold for around $30,000. Since then, I understand that the poster has been resold at a higher price. As the price has not been confirmed it does not appear in the list of Highest Priced Australian Movie posters (recorded auction prices).

Australian posters for Universal Horror films are incredibly scarce. IUniversal Horror Filmhave never heard of a daybill or a one sheet for Dracula which is a great pity.

Australian titles for one or two later titles like House of Dracula or House of Frankenstein have appeared although those posters are also exceptionally rare.

However, there is still hope! In recent years there have been some incredible discoveries of posters in old houses where they have been used as insulation between floorboards and linoleum.

Another image of the long daybill appears in Kirk Hammet’s book “Too Much Horror Business”. Hammet owns what is described as “the world’s second best Horror movie poster collection”! If his is the second best collection, one can only wonder at the extent of the best collection.

If another Frankenstein daybill were to turn up, I would not be at all surprised to see it sell for a record price – well in excess of $50,000.00.


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