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Ken G Hall Film Preservation Award 2012 – Susanne Chauvel Carlsson

By on November 28, 2012

Congratulations to Susanne Chauvel Carlsson this year’s recipient of the NFSA Ken G Hall Film Preservation Award. Susanne has made a significant contribution in preserving the legacy of her parents Charles and Elsa Chauvel.

Charles Chauvel was a pioneer of Australian cinema making films from the 1926 to 1959. Inspired by Snowy Baker, he travelled to California in 1922 and learnt as much as he could about filmmaking. He returned to Australia in 1926 and made his first silent film The Moth of Moonbi followed soon after by Greenhide.




In 1933, he made his first talkie In the Wake of the Bounty introducing Errol Flynn to the cinema in the role of Fletcher Christian. The movie was filmed in the Pitcairn Islands and Tahiti and received international recongition. 

Charles Chauvel went on to make some of the classic Australian films including Forty Thousand Horsemen, The Rats of Tobruk aka The Fighting Rats of Tobruk, Sons of Matthew and Jedda, the first colour feature film made in Australia.

Charles Chauvel’s last film was Jedda. The Australian Motion Picture industry went through a lean period in the 50s and funding was difficult to find for films. When Chauvel was given the opportunity to make a series of documentaries for the BBC called Australian Walkabout, he jumped at the chance.

Although there were a number of film scripts that he was considering he died suddenly in 1959 and was not able to complete any more films.

Susanne Chauvel Carlsson has a website with some fascinating insights into her father’s work Along the movie Trail with Chauvel.

Although there is a considerable amount of recorded historical information on Charles Chauvel, Susanne has been able to fill in many of the gaps with her unique family experience and knowledge or her father’s work. Congratulations to her on a well deserved Ken G Hall Film Preservation Award.


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